Boomtown Staffords of Oklahoma

Healthy, Happy & Athletic Staffordshire Bull Terriers

The "Original" Bull Terrier

Rob and Carol Martin of Oklahoma

Champion Trugrip Palatine

Boomer received an Award of Merit at the 1997 National Specialty in a class of 16 Champions. Britches and Boomer were top Dam and Sire in 1999 with 4 champions.  Boomer is 13 years old and is retired.

Nearly all of our Puppies have Ch. Truegrip Palatime ( Boomer) and Britches, or Yankeestaff Texas Pepper behind them.  

Champion Boomtown Brock easily finished his championship at 10 months with 4 majors in 4 days shown by Christine Martin.

Champion Yankeestaff Feisty Britches

Champion Yankeestaff Feisty Britches

Britches embodies the balance that we strive for here at Boomtown.  Our dogs are powerfully built but agile and athletic as well. They are typical Nanny Dogs; always completely trustworthy with children and eager to please their adults. 

Ch. Boomtown Brock is retired now but has sired several litters and is Penny and Brondwyn's sire. He is also the cherished companion to Rob's mom.  

  Staffies make wonderful woods-walk companions, love to go for runs, like frizbee and balls and are great snugglers as well.  Stafforshire Bull Terriers are a cheerful breed and are very trainable.  

Our dogs are "Family Dogs" first. Our Champions are owner handled. We produce 2 to 3 litters a year. Boomtown Staffords have excelled in Conformation, Flyball, Agility, Obedience and make excellent therapy dogs. 

However, their greatest successes have been in their homes as outstanding family companions.

All Boomtown puppies are whelped and reared in our home. Every pup comes with a  genetic health and temperament guarantee.  We also provide a 4 generation pedigree, health records and AKC Registration papers. We like to keep track of our puppies and many of them are pictured on our puppy pages links at the bottom of the page. We have placed pups in carefully selected homes across the U. S. and in Canada.

Nazan's Corky Lass

Britches, Boomer, and Corky

Boomtown's Foundation

Yankeestaff Texas Pepper and Snooker 

 Boomtown Staffordshire Bull Terriers are beautiful, healthy, friendly and athletic dogs.  We live with our 6 dogs in our home.  We have a fenced acre yard on 80 acres in rural Oklahoma. Staffords adapt well to many different living arrangements but prefer central heating and air and a cozy corner of the couch. 

Nazan's Corky Lass brought the most wonderful temperament. Staffies are cheerful, devoted, friendly to all. Corky was thoroughly spoiled by Uncle Lester Doughty. We still produce pups with Corky's bloodlines as well.

  Boomtown Pretty Penny   Boomtown Snookeroon   Yankeestaff Texas Pepper "Old Timey" Stafford
Boomtown Bonny Lass Boomtown Bosco L2HGA HC Clear Boomtown Briar Rose
Bonny, Rosa, Scout and Bosco are the Future at Boomtown producing a couple litters per year.

Staffordshire Bull Terriers

  • Love people - especially children

  • Are eager to please their people and are very trainable

  • Have lots of energy and need exercise daily but will lie quietly (preferable on the couch as close to you as they can get) when you settle in.

  • Were bred as fighting dogs and may not get along well with all dogs and other critters

  • Can adapt to cats and other pets if raised together 

  • Are protective but do not make good guard dogs

  • Are a medium sized muscular short coated dog

  • Are vulnerable to theft and need a secure environment

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Nobleshores  Boomtown Scout

Scout is a Bosco daughter and is a wonderful addition to our breeding program.  Scout and Bosco have tons of personality and add such joy to our lives with their antics.  They bring their bowls to the closet and are always ready to go.

Carol and Rob Martin with Boomer


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